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How to Dial Long DistanceInformation on How to Dial Long Distance

How to Dial Long Distance

  • Station to Station
    Direct Distance Dialed (DDD) is dialed with a 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

  • Person to Person (Dial Operator)
    • Call person-to-person by dialing 0 + Area Code + Phone Number.

    • To reach the Operator dial 0
    • Call collect by dialing 0 and asking operator to dial collect to the number requested.

  • Marine and Overseas Service (Dial Operator)
    You can make Local and Long Distance calls to trains, aircraft and boats equipped for telephone service. Ask the Operator for the Marine or High Seas Operator. Give the operator the name of the country you're calling.

  • Inward WATS
    Station-to-station Long Distance calls may be made without charge to you to those customers who have Inward Wide Area Telephone Service. They offer to their customers calling from specific locations. Dial the access code plus Area Code 800 plus the special numbers of customers with this service. To reach Directory Assistance for Inward WATS, dial the Access Code plus Area Code 800 plus 555-1212.

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