Build a custom security package to protect your business and employees 24/7.

Twin Lakes Security offers monitoring, commercial fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, and energy management in a single, cost-effective solution that fits your needs.

Control Access

• Allow access to your business during specified time periods
• Provide secure key access for employees
• Grant access to specific areas of your business
• Control access to your business from a mobile device or laptop
• Set doors to lock automatically
• Receive access activity reports

Uncover Activity

• Pinpoint activity such as unexpected entry after-hours or doors propped open that could cause energy waste or safety concerns
• Keep a record of which users have disarmed the system

Schedule and Monitor

• Easily set up your system to remind you to arm and disarm
• Adjust the thermostat and turn on the lights on a schedule
• View important activity at your business with live-streaming, recorded video, and real-time notifications
• Cancel false alarms or verify real ones from anywhere through your mobile device

Visualize Trends

• Monitor open and close trends for each store or office location
• Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic



Commercial Fire Monitoring

Keep your business and employees safe and protected 24/7 with commercial fire alarms and emergency voice evacuation systems from Twin Lakes.

Already have an existing fire alarm and sprinkler system? Make the switch to Twin Lakes today and we’ll provide 3 months of FREE monitoring!