Frequently asked questions regarding the tennessee EMERGENCY BROADBAND FUND – AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN (TEBF-ARP) Grant

What areas will be served from the grant?

The Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund – American Rescue Plan (TEBF-ARP) project calls for the construction of a 195-mile fiber network that will provide broadband access to approximately 2,400 unserved residents and businesses in Putnam County.

When will broadband service be available at my home or business?

With such a massive undertaking and supply chain issues prevalent throughout the world, the State’s contract stipulates construction must be completed within 36-months. However, due the critical nature of the project, Twin Lakes anticipates project completion 6-months prior to the State’s deadline. To see if service is available in your area, please enter your information here.

How can I check service availability or sign up for service?

You can check your address and register your interest for service here. By registering your interest for service, we will be able to contact you directly as soon as service is available at your home for you to sign up. Need additional assistance on submitting your interest? Watch our how-to video here!

Were there any grant partners?

In addition to TEBF-ARP funds, Putnam County will provide $4.4M from federal ARPA funds allocated specifically for broadband, water and sewer infrastructure investments. “Access to high-speed Internet has never been more important,” says Randy Porter, Putnam County Mayor. “We are excited to be able to make this investment in the expansion and delivery of reliable broadband to unserved Putnam County residents and businesses.”

What products and services does Twin Lakes offer?

Twin Lakes offers broadband, voice, HDTV and security services to residential and business customers, with broadband speeds up to 10 GIG (10,000 Mbps). 10 GIG broadband is invaluable for opportunities in economic development, employment, healthcare, education and more for our rural communities. With internet speeds up to 10 GIG, you have access to blazing-fast downloads, video chat without buffering, stream HD without waiting, lag-free gaming and so much more.

To learn more about all of the products and services Twin Lakes has to offer, visit our homepage at

Why do I need fiber?

Fiber is not just about the internet. It is about delivering a connection to your home or business that will allow you to have a better experience connecting to all of the advanced communications solutions available. Over fiber you can connect to reliable voice solutions, robust TV services, broadband speeds up to 10 GIG (10,000 Mbps), security and smart control systems, and so much more. A fiber network is more reliable than other networks as it is less prone to interference. Since fiber is made of glass, it will not conduct electricity, making it safer and less prone to disruptive power surges, unlike previous technologies. A state-of-the-art fiber network will offer ultra-fast Internet, advancements to our communities, accelerating improvement in quality of life, economic potential and educational opportunities.