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Calling Plans for BusinessWe offer many long distance calling plans for your business to choose from!

Long Distance Calling Plans for Business

Single Business Line Plans

Number of MinutesPrice
100 Minutes $4.95/mo
250 Minutes $9.95/mo
500 Minutes $18.95/mo
750 Minutes $27.95/mo
1000 Minutes $36.95/mo


*Please note that Single Business Line Plans are only for 1 Business Line and not shared minutes. 

Shared Business Line Plans

Number of MinutesPrice
1,000 Minutes $35.99/mo
2,500 Minutes $79.99/mo
5,000 Minutes $129.99/mo
7,500 Minutes $169.99/mo
10,000 Minutes $199.99/mo

*Please note Shared Business Line Plans are for multiple Business lines that share minutes.

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