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Twin Lakes Long Distance Calling Area

Introducing the LATA

  • The geographic areas in each state in which long distance calls are carried are known as LATAs (Local Access Transport Area).
  • Calls which originate and terminate in the same LATA are called "Intra-LATA" calls.
  • Calls which originate in one LATA and terminate in another LATA in the same state are called "InterLATA" calls.
  • Calls which are placed from one LATA to a location in another state are "interstate" calls.


Listed below are the exchanges that the cooperative serves and are eligible for toll free service within the area:

Baxter 858, 476 Cookeville South 432 Jamestown 879, 752
Byrdstown 864 Crawford 445 Livingston 823, 403
Celina 243 Gainesboro 268, 405 Moss 258
Chestnut Mound 897 Granville 653 North Springs 621
Clarkrange 863 Highland 678 Rickman 498

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