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  • What areas does Twin Lakes provide service?

    Twin Lakes provides service to the following areas: Baxter, Byrdstown, Celina, Chestnut Mound, Clarkrange, Cookeville South, Crawford, Gainesboro, Granville, Highland, Jamestown, Livingston, Moss, North Springs and Rickman.

  • What is Twin Lakes?

    It is a cooperative corporation incorporated under the laws of Tennessee on the 13th day of March, 1951. A TV, Broadband & Phone service cooperative.

  • Who are the Board of Directors?

    Click here to view the Directors and Staff.

  • Who are the members?

    According to the Cooperative's By-laws, every subscriber who has made written membership application and paid the prescribed membership fee of $10.00.

  • Who owns the cooperative?

    The member subscribers which we serve.


Corporate Business Office
200 Telephone Lane
Gainesboro, TN 38562

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