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FAQsSee below for Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How can I pay my Twin Lakes phone bill?

    We have 6 business offices in our service area where you can pay your bill by cash, money order, check or credit card. All of our offices are equipped with a drop box for after hours accessibility. For your convenience we accept, credit card payments by phone, online bill pay, automatic bank draft or by mail. Plus, for a limited time, receive $5.00 off your next billing statement when signing up for automatic bank draft!

  • How do I advertise in the Twin Lakes directory?

    Please call our directory publisher, DPS (Directory Publishing Solutions) at 1-866-221-4300 for information.

  • What do the charges on my bill mean?

    Click here to view detailed information describing the items on your bill.

  • What is subscriber line charge on my statement?

    The FCC allows local telephone companies to bill customers for a portion of the costs of providing access. These charges are not a government charge or tax. The maximum allowable access charges per telephone line are set by the FCC. This charge is described on your telephone bill as a "Subscriber Line Charge".

  • What is the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSC) on my statement?

    The Universal Service Fund (USF) provides support to promote access to telecommunications services at reasonable rates for those living in rural and high-cost areas, income-eligible consumers, rural health care facilities, and schools and libraries.

    Consumers may notice a "Federal Universal Service" line item on their telephone bills. This line item recovers its USF contributions directly from its customers by billing them this charge.

  • What is your billing cycle?

    Local telephone service is billed for the current month in advance. Our bills go out the 1st day of every month and are due on the 15th. Charges for usage, are billed accordingly, such as long distance calls, calling card calls, etc., if you have Twin Lakes Long Distance. If you have another long distance provider you will receive a separate bill for those charges.

  • My service has been disconnected for non-payment, how do I re-establish service?

    Your total bill must be paid in full before your service is reconnected. If your bill has a past due balance that you cannot pay, please contact your local business office to discuss payment options.

  • How do I log into the router I purchased from Twin Lakes?

    Please call our tech support team 24 hours a day. Click here for tech support phone numbers.

  • What Broadband speed is right for me?

    If you are streaming HD video online, along with basic browsing online, we typically reccomend a minimum of a 12.0 Mbps download speed or more. If you are using multiple devices in your home, streaming video and do online gaming all at the same time, you may require a speed of 25.0 or higher. Twin Lakes offers speeds of up to 1 GIG (1000 Mbps)! To see our Internet Rates and Speeds - click here. 

  • What is required to sign-up for the first time?

    You need to have access to the Internet and a valid e-mail address. You also need to have your current paper bill. We will ask for the account number and the password that you will use. Then, continue to follow the sign-up instructions on the screen to complete your enrollment.

  • What is the cost of the e-billing Service?

    Twin Lakes is currently providing the online billing and payment service at no additional cost to our customers. 

  • I have a business with multiple lines on one account. Can I view bills for all my lines?

    As long as your telephone numbers are associated with one account number, you will have the ability to view the activity of each line on a monthly basis.

  • What is ACH?

    ACH is the Automated Clearing House network and is a process to electronically transfer funds between financial institutions.

  • Do you accept credit card payments?

    Yes. We accept, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

  • Is there a charge for either payment option?

    Twin Lakes currently offers this service to you without any charges, but we recommend that you contact your bank to find out if they will charge a fee for this service.

  • Is there a charge for returned payments?

    Yes. Twin Lakes will reverse your payment if the transaction is returned by your bank for any reason. Twin Lakes will charge your account a fee of $25.00 per returned transactions.

  • Will I need to make a request each month in order to pay my bill online?

    Yes. You need to submit a payment amount authorizing Twin Lakes to debit your bank account or process your charge account authorization on a monthly basis.

  • What if I forget my password?

    Just fill out forget password form and submit, you will receive your password by e-mail very shortly.

  • Will I continue to receive my paper bill in the mail?

    Yes, you will still receive your paper bill. You can opt-out of receiving a paper bill by contacting your local Twin Lakes business office.

  • After clicking the submit key when making a payment, can I cancel the transaction if it is scheduled to occur on that same day?

    No. The transaction cannot be cancelled online.

  • When will my account reflect my payment?

    Usually, the next business day, your account will be updated with your payment.

  • What do I do if I am having Technical difficulties?

    Please visit the Technical Support page for contact information and troubleshooting solutions.

  • How many channels do you have on your TV service?

    We currently offer over 200 channels on our Twin Lakes TV Service. This includes family, music, premium movies, sports, local channels and more. To learn more about our TV Service, please click here or contact your local Twin Lakes Business Office.

  • What additional TV services do you offer?

    Twin Lakes offers Watch TV Everywhere, Whole Home DVR, High Definition channels, Local Channels, Premium Movie Packages, Family Channels, Worry Free Plans and more. To see our packages and pricing, click here.

  • How do I find out if I can receive Twin Lakes TV service at my home or business?

    To find out if Twin Lakes TV is available at your home or business, contact your local Twin Lakes business office today. For a list of contact information for each office, click here.

  • Do you offer TV on the Go? (Watch TV Everywhere)

    Yes! Twin Lakes offers Watch TV Everywhere. This allows you and your family to watch programs on your laptop, PC, tablets, smartphone, and more - anywhere that you can receive an internet connection. Enjoy access to over 70 channels! Best of all: It's FREE with your Twin Lakes TV service! To learn more about getting registered, click here.

  • What is your Broadband Privacy Policy?

    You can find our Broadband Privacy Policy by clicking here. Additional information on protecting our customers privacy can be found here.

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