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Technical Support Contact Information Support when you need it.


Below are our Technical Support numbers should you have any technical difficulties with your Twin Lakes Services. You may also email our Technical Support team at  

LocationTech Support Numbers
Baxter, Cookeville South 858-6065
Byrdstown 823-5165
Celina 268-5420
Chestnut Mound 897-2165
Gainesboro 268-5420
Jamestown 823-5165
Livingston 823-5165


Location56K Modem Number 
Baxter, Cookeville South 858-5600  
Chestnut Mound 897-5600  
Gainesboro, Celina 268-5600  
Jamestown 823-5600  
Livingston 823-5600  

Have questions? Give us a call at 931-268-2151 or email us at