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Twin Lakes TV Troubleshooting  


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Twin Lakes' remote guides are available below. To get to know your TV Remote better, choose the guide that depicts your specific remote below. 

How to use your URC 4 TV Remote
How to use your Nova TV Remote 
How to use your Pulse TV Remote 


Volume Tip: The TV has a Volume Control and the STB (Set Top Box) has Volume Control. If the STB is set low, then the TV volume will have to be set high in order to hear. If the STB is set at 0, then the TV will not have any volume.  

I cannot turn on/off my Set Top Box.
There is no red light.
I cannot change the channel.
I cannot bring up the Guide.

Possible Solutions: 
- Verify that the STB button on the top of the remote control is illuminated so that the remote will communicated with the STB.
- Verify that the batteries in the remote are charged and in good condition. 

I am unable to get a signal.

Possible Solution:
Reboot (turn on and off again) your Set Top Box.

There is no picture on my TV and the light is on the digital box.

Possible Solutions: 
- Your TV Input settings may have been accidentally changed. Use the remote control that came with your TV to change the Television inputs. Scroll through the button on your TV's remote. It may be called "Input", "Source", or "A/V". 

For a Standard Definition Picture Tube TV: 
Check to ensure your TV is tuned to Channel 3.


Verify that it's currently set for the composite input mode you are trying to control. The inputs include: "AV1", "AV2", "Video 1", "Video 2", "HDMI 1", or "HDMI 2". 

Verify that it's currently set for the input mode you are trying to control. The inputs include "HDMI", "Component", or "Color Stream."  

Caller ID is not appearing on my TV screen when the telephone rings. 

Possible Solution: 
Verify that you are subscribed to Caller ID from Twin Lakes. If you do not have Caller ID, please contact your local Twin Lakes business office to subscribe.  

Closed-Captioning: For Closed-Captioning questions or issues, please contact Twin Lakes. For immediate assistance, please call 931.268.0281 or email Please send written requests to Twin Lakes, ATTN: Networking, P.O. Box 67,
Gainesboro, TN 38562

If none of the above solutions fix your issue, please contact Technical Support to get assistance with your issue. 

LocationTech Support Numbers
Baxter, Cookeville South 858-6065
Byrdstown 823-5165
Celina 268-5420
Chestnut Mound 897-2165
Gainesboro 268-5420
Jamestown 823-5165
Livingston 823-5165


Location56K Modem Number 
Baxter, Cookeville South 858-5600  
Chestnut Mound 897-5600  
Gainesboro, Celina 268-5600  
Jamestown 823-5600  
Livingston 823-5600  

Have questions? Give us a call at 931-268-2151 or email us at