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Pay Per View (PPV) Event TV


Purchase Events on Twin Lakes TV!*
- UFC Fights
- Concerts
- Behind the Scenes Music Shows
- Documentaries 
- Martial Arts 
- Wrestling 
- Comedy Specials 


Event TV Channels 
  Channel 996 in SD  
Channel 997 in HD


      How to purchase an event on Pay Per View (PPV) Event TV:

 1. Navigate to a PPV Channel in your Twin Lakes Guide. (Make sure your Guide filter is set to ALL, PPV or Subscribed.) 

  2. Select a program of interest, then press OK on your remote.
    The PPV options for that program will appear.

3. Select the Buy PPV option, then press OK on your remote.

4. The purchase confirmation window will appear.
Review the purchase information.
   To finish the purchase, select Buy then press OK.

You will need your Twin Lakes TV PIN number to purchase Events on PPV.
If you do not know your Twin Lakes TV PIN number, please contact your local Twin Lakes business office. 


Canceling a PPV Purchase

You may cancel your PPV purchase by navigating to the program that was previously purchased on your guide and pressing OK on your remote.

Options available for that program appear. Select Cancel PPV Purchase, then press OK on your remote.

The PPV purchase is then canceled and you will see this as a credit (CR) on your billing statement for the following month.


*Please note there is a $100.00 spending limit per month for PPV content. PPV is only available for Residential Twin Lakes TV customers. Events purchased will be billed on your Twin Lakes billing statement under the TV section. 

Have questions? Give us a call at 931-268-2151 or email us at